It’s almost Smile Cookie time!

Smile Cookie from Tim Hortons.

LITTLE CURRENT—For over a quarter of a century Tim Horton’s restaurants has engaged the public with its ‘Give a Smile. Get a Smile’ cookie campaign, raising a record-breaking $12.2 million for over 625 local charities and community groups. The Smile Cookie campaign has raised over $75 million during the course of its run—100 percent of the monies raised going to those charities.

Since its opening, the Little Current Tim Horton’s partnered with Good Food Box Manitoulin to participate in the Smile Cookie campaign and this year is no different. From September 13 to 19 you can assist local charities while getting your cookie on by dropping into the Little Current location (or just about any Tim’s for that matter) and requesting a Smile Cookie.

You can pre-order a cookie online wherever you live just by dropping by There isn’t a limit on how many cookies you can order and download the pre-order form found online will help you organize your order. The order form must be brought in at least 24 hours before picking up a large order.