Jack Brady sworn in as new Gordon/Barrie Island councillor

Jack Brady, left, is sworn in as the newest member of Gordon/Barrie Island municipal council by municipal clerk Carrie Lewis at a meeting last week. Mr. Brady will fill the vacant position on council for the rest of this council’s term.

GORDON/BARRIE ISLAND – A long-time member of the Gordon/Barrie Island municipal council has again filled the position of councillor for the balance of the term of the current council. Jack Brady, who has served as a councillor and had been reeve of the municipality previously, was sworn in as the new councillor to fill a vacancy on council (created with the resignation of former councillor Marian Hester last year), at a council meeting last week.

“I welcomed Jack back to council and told him we are very happy to see that he put his name forward for the vacant councillor position,” stated Gordon/Barrie Island Reeve Lee Hayden, after last week’s council meeting. “It was due to personal matters that he had left council previously, and we are happy that he is now back on council.” 

“It will be only for one year, in fact less than that,” Mr. Brady told The Expositor prior to the Gordon/Barrie Island council meeting last week. “I don’t mind, I enjoy being on council and being involved.”

“I saw an advertisement in the newspaper that council was looking for someone to fill the vacant seat on council and decided to put my name forward,” explained Mr. Brady. He noted, “this will be just until the end of the current term of council (this year). I did this before, where I put my name forward for the last couple of years on council to fill a vacant council seat.” 

“It is interesting, everyone should take their name forward to be a member of council at least one time,” said Mr. Brady.

In November 2020, Mr. Brady had announced that he was resigning his position as a councillor at the end of that year. He has previously spent two terms as a council member and served one four-year term as reeve of Gordon/Barrie Island.