Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute proudly holds the 2018 graduation ceremonies

The Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute class of 2018 poses for a photograph in the traditional cap and gown regalia of the college graduate. photos by Patrick Kiley

M’CHIGEENG—The 2018 Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute (KTEI) celebrated its graduating students and award winners during a recent ceremony held at the college’s M’Chigeeng campus.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff, we are so very proud of each and every one of our graduates for 2017-2018,” reads the message to graduates from the board and staff of Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institue. “We are truly humbled to have been only a small part of your learning journey, and that you chose Kenjgewin Teg as one path in your journey.”

“Graduation day marks a celebration of your hard work, dedication and commitment,” continues the message, “while we will be taking the time to celebrate this tremendous milestone of achievement with you today, you will soon find yourself taking on new challenges and setting new milestones for your future. We are never given a dream without being given the power to make it come true!”

The board and staff message concludes “As graduates, and now alumni of Kenjgewin Teg, we hope you will always dream big dreams, and make all of them come true. Be sure to live, learn and take advantage of new opportunities as you move along in your personal journey of Anishinaabe maadziwin…and know that we will be cheering you on as you share your special gifts with the world.”

Among the awards given out this year were the Kenjgewin Teg Board of Director’s Award, presented by Stephanie Roy “to a deserving student who demonstrates exceptional achievement in their personal educational goals, serving as an exemplary role model in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment” to recipient Emile Edwards.

The Kenjgewin Teg Educational Excellence Award in Memoriam of Sara M. Peltier was presented by Josephine Pelletier to “a deserving student demonstrating exceptional commitment and dedication to their personal educational goals, serving as an exemplary role model in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment to recipient Nathan Shawanda.

The Kenjgewin Teg Embracing Your Educational Journey Award In Memoriam of Glen Crawford was presented by Kelly Crawford to “a deserving graduate demonstrating a commitment to nurturing their identity and embracing their educational journey to recipient Michelle Deforge.

The Kenjgewin Teg School Attendance Award donated by R. Martin Bayer was presented by Brian Bisson, Kenjgewin Teg education counsellor, to “a deserving student demonstrating dedication to school attendance, serving as an exemplary role model in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment” to recipient Dakotah Hare.

The Kenjgewin Teg Kinomaage Gimaa (Executive Director’s) Award was presented by Stephanie Roy to “a deserving student who demonstrates high achievement in academics, culture, language and community service” to recipient Keegan Peltier.

The Kenjgewin Teg Educational Leadership Award in Honour of Lewis Debassige was presented by Lewis Debassige, a founding board member of Kenjgewin Teg (1994) to “a deserving student demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities, serving as an exemplary role model in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment” to recipient Sam Gilchrist.

The Aboriginal Institutes Consortium Award was presented by Kenjgewin Teg traditional knowledge faculty members Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregor and Gordon Waindubence to “a deserving student serving as exemplary role model in culture and language in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment” to recipients Sandy Jacko and Pamela Debassige. Also presented was an award to “a deserving instructor serving as exemplary role model in culture and language in the Kenjgewin Teg learning environment” to recipient Elaine Debassige.

The Kim Corbiere Mino Bmaadziwin Memorial Award was presented by Ava Corbiere to a deserving post-secondary student exemplifying the importance of balance of commitment to their academic program of study, balanced with their personal growth and development in family and community to recipient Angela Trudeau.

The Charles Shawanda Memorial Award presented by Jarrod Shawanda was presented to a deserving secondary student exemplifying educational commitment through study, and perseverance, nurturing a balanced personal growth, while embracing their educational journey to recipients Kaitlynn Recollet and Michelle Deforge.

The Board Award, Whitefish River, Mukwa (Bear) Award for being a solid student, focused and thorough in approach went to recipient Gail Jacko.

The Board Award, Sheguiandah, Nimkii-Bineshiinh (Thunderbird) Award for high production in school work went to recipient Kara Noble.

The Board Award, Sheshegwaning, Mgizi (Eagle) Award for a student continuing in post-secondary studies went to recipient Nathan Shawanda.

The Board Award, Aundeck Omni Kaning, Waabizhashi (Marten) Award for committed participation and support in school events went to recipient Kendra Madahbee.

The Board Award, M’Chigeeng, Wesiinh Shkaziin (Hoof), Award for quiet support and creative contribution to the school went to recipient Lindsay Trudeau.

The Board Award, Zhiibaahaasing, Jiijaak (Crane) Award for enthusiasm and energy went to recipient Cheryl Peltier.

The Board Award, Constance Lake, Mshiikenh (Turtle) Award for continuous hard work went to recipient Dakotah Hare.

The Board Award, Sagamok, Maang (Loon) Award for persistence and belief in oneself went to recipient Joshua Corbiere.

Kenjgewin Teg Secondary School graduates for 2018 were Dakotah Hare, David Windsor, Emilie Edwards, Joshua Corbiere, Kaitlynn Recollet, Michelle Deforge and Nathan Shawanda.

Graduates of the Computer Applications in the  Canadore College Certificate Program were Cheryl Peltier, Christine Sarbu, Deborah Middaugh, Gail Jacko, Jacqueline Allen, Jerry Debassige, June Pangowish, Ladeanne Debassige, Lenore Mishibinjima, Martin Panamick, Pamela Rose Debassige, Russell Jacko, Wendy Debassige, Wilma Debassgie and Yvonne Pitawanakwat.

The Canadore College Bookkeeping Certificate Program graduates were Angela Trudeau, Dane Bebamash, Kara Noble, Kyle (Keegan) Peltier, Sandy Jacko, Sebastian Aguonia and Stacey Jackson.

The Office Administration Canadore College Diploma Program graduates were Kendra Madahbee, Kinga Casson and Lyndsay Trudeau.

The Master of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier graduates were Cherylann Bagnall, Lynne Castonguay, Samuel Gilchrist, Samantha Gould, Natalie Logan, Seapieces Marsland, Christine Recollet-Trudeau, Laura Thibeault, Nolin Turenne, Paul Francis and Sherrie Nicholas.

Graduates of the Queens University Aboriginal Teachers Education program were Andrea Bennett, Peggy Monague McGregor, Robyn Pierson and Veronica King-Jamieson.

The Teaching Ojibwe, Additional Qualification Ontario College of Teachers program included Sara McLeod Beaver and Stephanie Roy.