Late night backyard invaders destroy joyful lights

To the Expositor:

To the light destroyers,

We can all relate to the long hours of cold winters and how we sit and plan our next season of gardening, sitting outside on warm evenings, enjoying our short season of relaxation and just having fun. That’s exactly what I do. I can hardly wait to get outside and decorate my backyard with lights. What a splendid and relaxing sight to see.

For the last two years my yard has been a haven for the late night individuals who invade my space at night when all is dark and quiet. When they walk off with my lights or destroy the lights I feel very sad that these people have nothing better to do with their time other than destroy someone else’s property. If they wanted to come in and sit and enjoy the wondrous sight I have no problem with this, but please leave things as they are! It has taken awhile to collect my display and I am angry and heartbroken at someone’s malicious behaviour.

Where do you draw the line to protect one’s property? Problem solved—I have taken the lights show down so don’t bother with my yard anymore or anyone else’s. I hope you enjoy my lights that you lifted from my yard (you know who you are).

Nancy Brown
Little Current