Leadership committee discusses highway signage, urges all to wear masks

MANITOULIN – The Manitoulin COVID-19 Leadership Co-ordination Committee met for its ninth session on Tuesday, July 7.

The committee will contact the Ministry of Transportation this week to request updates to COVID-19 signage. In particular, the sign by Little Current before the bridge that asks people to stay home shall be updated to display COVID-19 safety information.

The committee extensively discussed Public Health Sudbury and Districts’ (PHSD) instructions that as of today, Wednesday, July 8, all commercial establishments are required to have a policy in place to prohibit people entering if they are not wearing a face covering, unless they are exempt from wearing one. These instructions are being issued under the authority of the provincial Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

For more details about these instructions, and your responsibilities as a business-owner, please see www.phsd.ca/news/public-health-sudbury-districts-instructs-all-commercial-establishments-to-ramp-up-face-covering-covid-19. Businesses should regularly check the PHSD website for updates. Any employers wishing to receive future PHSD correspondence can email their contact information to Health_Protection@phsd.ca or call 1-866-522-9200, ext. 398.

“The committee knows that it is important to respect rules that businesses and health officials put in place to keep people safe,” a press release from the leadership committee states. “While individuals may not be especially concerned about their risk of contracting COVID-19, there are many people who are especially vulnerable to the disease, such as elderly parents and children with respiratory illnesses. By wearing masks, we show compassion and protect those people from catching illness from us in the first few days when we are not yet aware that we are sick. The committee is leading by example.”
The committee will continue to meet biweekly, with its next meeting on Tuesday, July 21.