Let’s all try to look out for another’s best interests

To the Expositor:

Well, the summer weather is upon us. It appears that the windmill issue is heating up along with the weather so, of course, my sympathies go out to the remnants of owners who are fighting the project. A friend of mine in southern Ontario told me that their neighbour with 200 acres turned down a $3,000,000 offer to purchase ($15,000 per acre) because the new guy was going to put up a wind tower complex. So, let’s say the story was a bit overstated (as it appears that small town gossip knows no boundaries) and just say the guy was willing to pay $10,000 per acre (which is the going rate in the area for just anybody with a bent toward property in that area), so that takes it down to $2 million (and I’m betting the first number was close to the truth). This shows the lucrative nature of windmills! Looks like the Island is selling out too cheap if they are starting to sell out!

Now about other real estate around the province. The corridor up to Tobermory and other farms and waterfronts in that area continue to be higher priced than Manitoulin. I was listening to the weather report this morning and it seems likely that stormy weather is still predicted right up to the ferry. Several years ago I was expecting guests at my farm in the French River to come in four or five days. They were going from Toronto to the ferry, across Manitoulin to the Polar Bear Express, to Dynamic Earth in Sudbury then to my place before back to Toronto. Imagine my horror to get an 7 pm call that they got to Tobermory and the ferry couldn’t run due to the weather, so they were heading my way first in three hours so they could do the tour in reverse. Well, I vacuumed quick and we had a super time. However, I’ve never forgotten these misfortunes of ferry/weather/planning possibilities. This summer could be bad for storms, but maybe it will improve.

This is all to say that things seem a bit less predictable this year. Let’s all try to look out for one another’s best interests. It is always in style to err on the side of generosity and good will.

Best Wishes from someone who is often driving around Manitoulin,
Marg Schwartzentruber
Monetville and Manitoulin too