Letter: Appreciation expressed for opioid crisis supplement

“Honest, open, willingness to understand the addiction crisis will go a long way to saving lives”

To the Expositor:

I happened to check out The Expositor this evening (June 23) and saw a new tab. I am beyond impressed with the initiative taken to produce such a document. This publication is one to start a meaningful dialogue and effect real change; it is so relevant and applies to us all. Thank you to Manitoulin Publishing Company Limited for your community service publication, ‘Out of the Shadows: An in-depth look at Manitoulin’s Opioid Crisis,’ researched and written by Warren Schlote, as a supplement to The Manitoulin Expositor.  

Having studied media, I’m critical of what I see and hear through media outlets. Who wants me to believe what, and why? This piece calls attention to something that truly matters, and does so in a way that reveals great courage within individuals helping people in our community. Even if you don’t have the time to read the full publication right now, please reflect on this line:

“If [we] are to address the opioid and mental health crises in an effective way, it will require more than the innovation of leadership. Every person…must recognize and fulfill their role in creating healthy, supportive communities.” 

Honest, open, willingness to understand the addiction crisis will go a long way in saving lives. Many thanks to all involved for their courage in sharing their stories to help others, and to Warren Schlote and The Manitoulin Expositor for this vital piece of discourse. This is true journalism, exploration of a subject that desperately needs attention and cohesive action, but is rarely openly discussed. Talking about addiction and mental health can be uncomfortable and painful, but is a test to our humanity to go beyond and care to make a positive difference.  

Erin Medakovic