Letter: Backroads contain deep big holes

Perhaps land claim settlement funds could be used to fix the roads

To the Expositor:

The backroads in Wiikwemkoong need repair; they are in very bad shape. All they are doing is patching them up, but that doesn’t last long. By the next day the patchwork is gone. If leadership does not repair these roads then it’s time for people in the community to start filing claims against the leadership for damages on their cars due to driving on these bad roads. Sometimes they are very big and deep holes, people are driving all over the road to try to avoid hitting a pot hole, sometimes there is no way to avoid the holes. Just like in Sudbury, that’s what people did, they filed claims against their leadership when they were damaging their cars due to bad roads. The leadership did pay for the damages too. Sometimes you end up with a flat tire from these pot holes or damaging your rim and it should be the leadership’s responsibility to cover your cost for the damages to your car. 

Where is all that money from the land claim settlement they were getting? I think they just put it into a trust account when they should be reinvesting it into the community like fixing the roads. It is time for this leadership to get off their butts and start getting these roads fixed instead of wasting this money on something useless, because that is what they are doing right now.

Ron Osawabine