Letter: Carver Kings are appreciated for their impressive skills

But not so much for the location they are placed by the organizers

To the Expositor:

This is a letter to the editor in regards to the Carver Kings at

Haweater being set up in the NEMI fire hall parking lot. 

This year at Haweater, the Carver Kings returned and showed off their impressive skills. The precise detail they can create with such an aggressive tool is phenomenal. Their creations sure do draw a large crowd every day. I live across the street, so I see first-hand the people and the cars that show up to check them out. But I do have a couple concerns about their location.

Firstly, the noise of chainsaws revving all day long for a few days gets to be a bit much after a while. I’m sure this can be understood by most, though, so I won’t dive too much into that.

Secondly, however, my big and main concern is where everyone winds up parking to see the Carver Kings. Since their trucks and their trailer are parked around them, and there is always a crowd watching them, people wind up parking right in the fire hall parking lot where all our volunteer firemen and firewomen would usually park. And once that fills up, people park along the side of the road, and even in front of the doors. Granted, that doesn’t happen often, but if there was ever

an emergency, our volunteers would be blocked from the fire hall. As far as I’m concerned, this is very dangerous, since in the event of a fire, a car wreck, or any other emergency, every second counts and could make the difference between a good ending or a tragic ending.

If the Lions Club plans on bringing back the Carver Kings next Haweater, they really need to consider an alternative location to set up before an emergency does become a real tragedy.

Tristan Golder

Little Current