Letter: Do the right thing: stay home

It’s time for more enforcement to ‘turn errant travellers back home’

To the Expositor:

The prime minister of Canada has recommended and ordered people in Canada to stay at home. The prime minister has indeed advised/ordered people who are out of country to come home directly. The premier of Ontario has asked people to stay at home and avoid cottage country in Ontario. The Ontario Cottage Owners Association has advised cottage owners to stay home. Our mayors/reeves/First Nation chiefs have pleaded with people to stay home. Our own Member of Provincial Parliament, Michael Mantha, has politely asked and urged people to stay home. The Wiikwemkoong, Whitefish River and M’Chigeeng First Nations have stepped up to the plate and shown those in high places how it is done and as well produced and published their findings with the results of the sickening lack of co-operation and safe reaction to this virus. They have shared that information for all to see in the media or social media. 

Now is the time for our MPP Michael Mantha to place pressure on the government of the day to have police administration have their people turn these errant travellers back home. No excuse that this places our police in harm’s way for a 30 second stop on the highway. It will actually save a health care person perhaps hours, more than likely days’ exposure for those who pick up the virus.

Our First Nations have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, at their own risk, beyond all doubt, the abeyance to our country and province, safe and ethical rules are being ignored. Stay home! Here is another example of our government, despite planning to be inclusive, keeping First Nations opinion in mind, failing to do so. They documented all they did in an ethical and responsible manner. Flying in the face of Truth and Reconciliation have again ignored them and let them down again when only trying to contribute to the health of society.

As a final note, even mayors of cities like Sudbury and Toronto are asking residents to stay home. 

Larry Killens

South Baymouth