Letter: ‘Evil Conquered’

A poem about the current pandemic

COVID, COVID go away,

Never to return another day,

The children need to get out to play ,

While the rest of us fight to find our way.

You tried to destroy us, to take all our lives,

To bind us, to kill us, alas, failure to thrive.

Many you took, but many are left,

To pick up the pieces, and then do our best,

To return to the world where we once felt blessed.

We will rise again, although through tears,

Remembering those so shaken with fears,

Who succumbed to your rage knowing death was near,

Sad loved ones and friends held them so dear,

They passed to a place waiting for them,

Wrapped in the arms of our Lord to the end.

As we turn a page we watch you fade,

Be subdued, defeated, crushed and caged.

God bless the heroes who brought you down,

The doctors and nurses and all the housebound.

To all those who laboured day after day,

To bring back our world that you took away.

Onward we strive to get to that place,

We knew before you, tried so hard to erase.

We are strong and determined to reach for the top,

Together our fight will be gloriously fought.

Onward and onward we march to the summit,

We’ll shout out in praise, ‘hey, we’ve finally done it!’

Our resolve is to win, win and win!

Never again to let evil creep in.

Pat Nelder