Letter: Gun ownership a right or a privilege?

Time to leave honest, law-abiding citizens alone

To the Expositor:

Right now, there are: 2,209,909 legal PAL holders according to the RCMP; roughly 4,000,000 gun owners according to an Angus Reed poll; 4,500 businesses plus employees make a living off the sale of firearms; and 20,000,000 legal firearms are owned in Canada. 

Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal Liberals want to change all of this by declaring, and I quote Bill Blair: “Firearms are a privilege not a right in Canada.” So right now, they think it is perfectly legal for themselves to take private property that is legally owned that looks scary to them without knowing anything about firearms. I believe we live in a great country and we should all be able to do what we want within the parameter of the laws put in place to protect us not control us.  

We should be able to worship how we want. 

We should be able to love and marry who we want. 

We should be able to access whatever level of education and employment we sent for our goals. 

We should be able to live and feel safe wherever we choose to be. 

But all of this could be in jeopardy pending the outcome of Bill C-21, C-71 and this illegal gun confiscation proposed by the federal Liberals. Now I know there are people out there who say ‘Good. Take them all,’ or maybe you don’t care either way but you should because I am sure you have one or more of the topics I mentioned affecting your life. If the government can take privileges or rights away from us this easily and as they see fit, what is it to say it won’t be something you believe in next? So now we all have to dig deep and bring back common sense and realize banning legally owned and acquired firearms is not the answer; cracking down on illegal imported firearms is. We need to decide whether we stand up and fight to leave honest and law-abiding, tax paying citizens alone or give up our rights and freedom. 

At this exact moment there are about 5,000,000 law abiding Canadians who never thought it would happen and now are saying ‘holy shit.’

The amount of taxpayers’ money that will be used to buy back legally owned firearms is estimated to be between two and three billion dollars. That amount of money would be more beneficial for Canadians to be invested in mental health issues, systemic racism, border security (illegal human trafficking, firearms and drugs) homelessness and substance abuse. So, we have many more important issues affecting this country than legally owned and secure firearms.


Wes Virtanen