Letter: Politicians began to make mistakes with the second lockdown

Rules made to help big box stores, by the time the small stores open they face another lockdown

To the Expositor:

These politicians are just stupid, with all the lockdowns we have to deal with because I think they did okay with the first wave of this virus. But on the second wave, that’s when they started to make mistakes. They were too quick to judge how to reopen our economy. They started in the wrong place to reopen it because for me, I just need a haircut. If there is anyone out there who will give me a quick buzz for a haircut, give me a call. I will pay you good money for it. 

I am running out of patience with these idiots who are trying to play God. I just keep seeing them making mistakes when they reopen our economy. I do get my hair cut every month or two, now I cannot even do that because of these idiots trying to play God. Cannot even do it right, then we have this idiot in Ottawa who will not shut down international travel because he is making money. That’s a pretty stupid thing to do because when it comes to small business these people really know how to control their environment where they are following the protocols that are in place. That also goes for hair salons and barber shops too, but this stupid government does not know that. Instead he is just helping the big box stores, and only because they are the first ones to open and by the time these small businesses open, they are facing another lockdown, getting nowhere with their business; they just keep losing business due to the lock downs. 

I always speak up when I see things that are not fair, especially when it comes to small businesses. This scum Amazon is also taking away their business too!

Ronald Osawabine