Letter: Switching distilleries from booze to sanitizers is a good thing

Thanks to the breweries that care

To the Expositor:

Yes, there is even something good that has resulted from the terrible world pandemic. The thoughtful breweries have switched from an alcohol formula that kills thousands of Canadians by way of car accidents, drownings, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, shootings, domestic murders, bar brawls, causes depression and the list goes on and on, to a formula for making much-needed cleaning agents that are helping hospitals and our people across Canada to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The good folks at MADD Canada and the caring people that run AA and Al-Anon must be happy with the breweries helping our citizens rather than destroying them. Breweries use huge amounts of energy, transforming wholesome grains and fruits into liquids that have no health benefits. Hopefully they will continue their good decisions in the future. Let’s use or hydro energy wisely. I thank the breweries that care.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay