Letter: This pandemic will give us pause to re-think what is important

We shouldn’t be tearing down historic buildings for parking lots

To the Expositor:

First, I would like to say what a relief to be safely back on the Island. In quarantine, yes, but home sweet home. 

Second, driving through Mindemoya without passing another car or person is very weird. Equally shocking is to see that Central Manitoulin is still planning to tear down a lovely 100-year-old schoolhouse for parking and to build an expensive new arena. 

When we left last fall, Expositor reporter Warren Schlote was outside Foodland interviewing customers as to their thoughts on the need for this new arena and the tax burden it will create. All I heard from neighbours was that council has it wrong. 

Perhaps one of the few good things about this pandemic is that it will make everyone pause to re-think what is really important. Certainly, no levels of government should be spending money on new (shiny) objects, when re-vamping and making do with what we are lucky to have is far more prudent. And certainly, we shouldn’t be tearing down historic buildings for parking lots until we see what the future holds. 

I don’t know when Central Manitoulin is planning to start this demolition, but hopefully they are taking advantage of this opportunity for second, sobering thoughts and change direction. 

Sue Rumble

Big Lake