Letter to the editor: Every day should be a day of remembrance

To the Expositor:

While very soon a special, annual day is approaching and is set aside in remembrance of our war veterans of two Great Wars. I am one who feels that every day should be our Remembrance Day for those who gave the ultimate and those who currently serve, giving up their tomorrows for your todays.

So, as a different, restricted COVID-19 Remembrance Day approaches, remember on November 11, at 11 am, stop whatever you are doing, wherever you are, and pay those two minutes of silence in a gesture of thanks. God bless those Canadians living, who have passed and those who  are currently serving our country.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was received prior to Remembrance Day but could not be published due to space constraints. The sentiments expressed still hold well.