Letter: Water delivery problems plaguing Wiikwemkoong elder

‘I’m a senior, am I not important enough to listen to?’

To the Expositor:

I believe Wiikwemkoong leadership just keeps messing up and it’s not getting any better either. Our water delivery service is not being done the way it should be. I’m having problems with my water delivery that they never deliver my water anymore. Then I have to phone the Wiky garage to have somebody deliver water to my house, but I pay my water bill every three months. I have proof of that too, I have my receipts for that. I’m not getting what I’m paying for but I do see my two neighbours getting their water delivered every week even sometimes twice a week, but nobody is delivering water to my house. I have been having this problem for the last eight months. I have been trying to resolve it too, but nobody is listening. I even sent a letter to the councillor who holds the portfolio for the Wiky garage, but I guess nothing was done. I even sent a letter to the chief too when I first started having this problem. I can tell he never did anything about it either. I’m a senior, am I not important enough to listen to? I just might ask the police to do something about this because this is elder abuse to what they are doing that is causing me stress. I never know if my water will be delivered or not and usually not, I even heard somebody went without water for two weeks because water was never delivered.

Ronald Osawabine