Letter: When walking your dogs, please keep them leashed

Not everyone is fond of man’s best friend

To the Expositor:

All dogs are not friendly.

It was a beautiful sunny day when I decided to take my 10-month-old grandson for a walk. My sister-in-law joined us along with her dog Lenny. Lenny is not a big dog, a mixture of shih tzu and poodle. We were enjoying our conversation when out of nowhere two large barking dogs ran towards us. My sister-in-law immediately picked up Lenny, trying to protect him. My grandson began screaming as the second dog kept barking and sniffing him. The other dog kept jumping trying to nip Lenny’s paws. I was terrified, screaming at the dogs to leave. It wasn’t until the owner finally appeared and restrained them that the dogs quieted down. It was a frightening experience only to be repeated two days later with my six-year-old grandson with two different dogs. This time the dog broke free of his owner’s grasp and ran barking toward my grandson who began running and screaming towards the cottage. I found these incidents both frightening and very upsetting. Contrary to some beliefs that everyone loves dogs, there are people who do not. There is a leash law in NEMI; please be considerate and use a leash for your dog. 

Thank you,

Anna Willems

Buffalo, NY