Tehkummah Talk & Times

Sandfield euchre, August 14: The horseshoe strikes again!! Congrats Marg on the 50/50; ladies’ high, Annette, 98; men’s high, Betty Jean, 81; lone hands, Blaine Nelder, 5; three 9s, $10, Marilyn Holmes. Betty Jean picked me up, thanks again (I would have, should have, could have been low.)

Cribbage Wednesday afternoons starting at 1:30 pm. Seven tables, great lunch (at half time): high hand, Gib Pyette, 28; first, Ruth and Bill McGregor; second, Dorothy and Joy; third, Gib and Florence; low, Lori and Rick; door, Ruth, Gib and? (maybe next week!)

The very musical Natalie is marching or dancing to a different drummer from when I saw her at the Market. A couple of weeks ago she had a baby carrier attached (I’m sure they have a name), and her Mom had a young man in tow. Natalie is John and June Edward’s granddaughter.

Kim and Kathy headed home on Monday evening, leaving us all with lovely perch fillets. I had mine for breakfast and supper. So good! 

Ten and a half tables for the euchre tournament. Norma and Jeneen on K.P., delish lunch! Lone hands shared by Ted and Ruth and Dave and Laurene, 7; first, Laurene and Dave, 84; second, Donna and Pat, 79; third, Dennis and Don, 75; fourth, shared?, Pat and Hugh and John and Pat N., 73 points; door prize, John Novak; low, Brenda and Grant, 44.

Yes!  Tomato plants really do like sour milk. As do pumpkins and squash! Have you noticed all the chokecherry jelly hanging on the trees this year? It’s not quite ready!

Just back from Mindemoya Thursday. Had chicken and a bun for supper. Had my tea and dessert with Joan and Borden first! I finally got her birthday card to her! I had an audience while I ate here outside, Gemma (the dog) and Bandit (the cat). A nice technician named Clara did a doppler on me this afternoon. So now I’m reclining writing. In a short while will be at the hall assisting with the euchre tournament.

I finally made it to Pierside for breakfast this morning. As I said, it’s hard to do much between naps. Family and games??? Oh yeah, and watering plants.

Here we are, another week almost gone. At least we got some rain in the night, finally! Mollie called from Winnipeg this morning, our conversations usually an hour at least, and I wanted to sleep. Our family went to the Prov Fair last evening. Mainly for the horse show. I love how the little ones are so competent on their ponies and some really good horse handlers growing up, even an 18-month-old (Jacques?) assisted by both parents. The kids love it. We, of course, cheered Skylar on. She was riding Terry. Taylor seemed very busy and adept. I’m sure she did very well representing her grandparents place, Kicking Mule. They have some nice horses at their riding stable and Dobs!

Sylvia and Jennifer manning the timing and mic. I shared Sherry’s supper. Excellent fish and poutine. Walked through later and saw some beautiful crystal chandeliers made from old silver and household items (From Chelmsford). Said hello to Carol Hughes there, too, shopping. I travelled up with Derek and Jodi so that gave me a chance to visit with them. The arena had lots to see, and our Islanders were putting out the good music.

The horse pull annual or is it the Prov Fair event. Each year the Gilberts host a pig roast to celebrate their friends and/or competitors in this event. I stopped counting at 27 and they were still coming. What a feast. Zack was the pig and corn specialist. Baked potatoes and baked beans, salads, salad trays, etc. and yummy desserts. Appreciated. What, didn’t I mention? This one held at their Sunsite home. Thanks so much! What great family, Blaine, Wilda, Kevin and Lisa. Brianna the coffee girl. Met their neighbours, Lorraine and Gilbert! We stopped at Derek and Jodi’s first. Tristen was cooking like a pro! They got the floor on today and just tarped ahead of the downpour. (It cleared for the feast.) Kevin was telling us of his honor to receive recognition for 25 years in Prov Fair! (Given in memory of Adam McDonald.) This family from Wiarton certainly make their mark on our Island! They are a hard-working, industrious crew.

Friday Market. I came home with the most beautiful bouquet of gladiolas from Joan and Bob Beard’s garden. Lots of garden produce available. Connie Scott and friend reads me and have a cottage on the Island. We sisters of the spirit (re: Evansville) teachers college (Pat).

Mary Bale’s friend from North Bay, Patty Ann Dennis and Jackie with Gil’s youngest son Bill. Lori continues with the great picking and singing. Pat Novak this week with the cards.

Sympathy to the family and friends of Rex Lesson whose burial was Monday, August 19 (privately).

This past week we also heard of the death of Bill Hay. Well known to the area, as he and Barb were faithful summer visitors and euchre players. Sympathy to the family and friends.

The princess really is! Just down the road from me. Junior princess or ambassador of Prov Fair, congratulations!

After church, communion today at Fairview. Martin is back. We were “pondering on a starry night.”

A quick drive to Manitowaning for some groceries. A stop at Loco Beanz for a good bagel with cream cheese. Home and another quick macaroni salad to take next door to add to Tara’s birthday supper. Delicious BBQ steaks, potato salad, veggies, orange salad, cherry chip cake with strawberries on top. Sherry, Dave, Tristen, Derek, Skylar, Ray the cook! Some lovely gifts and the birthday song and the birthday girl! (She worked today too!)