Letter: Why do news networks feel everything needs a negative slant?

Let’s go back to just the breaking news at 6 pm and 11 pm

To the Expositor:

I am not sure when the world decided that it needed a 24-hour, televised series of “news” networks? When I was young there was the 6 pm and 11 pm news. Often within those two televised events many stories were repeated, as really there is only so much news. Today we live in a constant state of “breaking news,” where the breaking news is not all that the words would indicate. The networks, being in a constant need of material, appear now to go looking for the worst in society, the immaterial, and heavily focus on celebrity, and most disappointingly, have become so negative.  It is no wonder people are apparently living in an environment of constantly being stressed out. 

It is rare when a news network puts a positive slant on anything, and a positive slant can easily be done. Instead of trying to pit Ontario against the rest of the provinces or Canada against the rest of the world in a ranking of who has given out the most vaccines, why not slant it to the positive, showing how many people we have vaccinated every day, without comparisons, or how many people have recovered from COVID-19? You do not see the news networks showing the number of countries who have had no vaccines delivered, so how about if you want to compare, compare Ontario or Canada to the rest of the world that have none! It makes the amount we do have look a whole lot better. 

Be happy we live where we live and that anyone who wants a vaccine, if all goes according to plan, will have one by end of September.

Things are tough enough every day for people, especially with the pandemic, however it would be to the benefit of everyone to have the news networks, maybe just for a week straight, ensure all of their news was given the positive slant instead of looking at everything through the eyes of doom and gloom. A lot of good has come out of COVID-19 too, but have you ever seen it investigated that way? Some small businesses have flourished but you only hear about those that have failed.  COVID-19 identified holes in our supply chain and shone a strong light on issues in long term care that have been let slide for too long. It may have taken a little time to work out the bugs in the system, but for the most part Canadians who needed funding during COVID-19 got the funding to help them along. 

Let us get back to “breaking news” being just that, the extraordinary. How about “Breaking news: All residents in long-term care homes in Ontario have now been vaccinated” vs “People confused as to how and when they will get their vaccine.” In my opinion we were all way better off when news was broadcast at 6 and 11 pm, then the only amount of negative material that they had to come up with was limited to 60 minutes’ worth vs. 24 hours’ worth. Maybe with less constant negative news, everyone’s mental health will get a little less stressed. 

Barbara Baker

Little Current