LETTERS: A reader thanks Now and Then for an interesting story

A tale of a remarkable woman and her ability to look into the future and thus ahead of her time

To the Expositor:

Thank you for sharing the history and life of Mina Turner (‘Now and Then, September 26, Page 5). I didn’t really know her, but sure adored reading about her life, her leadership, ability to respond and to look into the future thus “being ahead of her time.”

In particular, I was intrigued with Mrs. Turner being on the board of the Millsite Apartments in Gore Bay many years ago, and her willingness (along with other board members) to sign up for a loan statement for two million dollars to build the apartments. The agreement was if the board secured the funds to build the apartments ($2 million) then the municipality would take over the mortgage and the board members were reimbursed. Mrs. Turner was a very insightful and trusting person to do so, along with many others, and look at the benefits of that decision today in the wonderful Millsite Apartments.

Now my question is concerning the Old School in Mindemoya. I’m wondering if a similar effort could happen there with a board willing to sign up for $4 million (my estimate to make it into apartments) and then the Township take on the mortgage. So, can folks please mull over this idea and see what emerges? Will this old idea work today or will the Old School in Mindemoya be lost? Can we learn from visionaries like Mrs. Mina Turner, folks? What do you think?

Jean Brown

a Haweater born

in Mindemoya in 1950

Sharbot Lake, Ontario