LETTERS: Compromise might have saved us $250,000

A call to pull out of the race

To the Expositor:

This is a massive mistake that ‘leaders’ in our community have sent us all here in Assiginack. Lawyers somehow got $250,000 of our taxpayer’s money because they saw some people who didn’t have the ability to settle a conflict in a compromising or even better collaborative way.

Instead, they used the only skill they knew to use which was to try to bully one another, at the community’s expense. Community members trusted you, and quite frankly you grossly abused your trust boys. Men would now fix their mistake and pay for their blunder. You are encouraged to behave like honourable men.

None of the rest of us were with you on your ego wrestle and so it is upon you to right your offence to us all.

We the people of Assiginack expect you to pay us back. When I called upon you to negotiate three times in the local paper, you ignored me, and everyone else in this township.

If you will not be paying it back, it would benefit all if you were to leave the political scene effective immediately.

It would be the honourable thing to do. You two boys are encouraged to immediately withdrawal your names for the mayoral candidacy. We don’t need people representing us with the behaviour you have demonstrated in this conflict.

I have confidence that I speak with the silent majority when I say we have no desire to pay for your less-than-graceful behaviour in this conflict. Both sides may still have a lot of influence on how Manitowaning moves forward, and it can all be in a good way if you make honourable and peaceful choices.

We can forgive you, if you make every effort to do the right thing now that the ego storm has subsided. Let’s clean up this mess, so we all move forward in a better way.

Howie Mende