Letters: Carbon taxes are more complex than simplistic arguments convey

The rebate “undoubtedly” will not cover all the costs

To the Expositor:

A response to Jan McQuay’s letter to the editor of April 24, 2019 (‘Premier Ford is riling people up against the carbon tax,’ page 4).

I agree with Jan that, “if he told the people the whole truth.” You should too, Jan.

Carbon tax in Ontario and on Manitoulin is way more complicated than that. According to what I found from various sources (listed below), the following is the case for 2019 only. Gasoline $0.04.42 per liter; home heating $0.05.37 per liter; natural gas $0.03.91 m3 (not available on Manitoulin); propane, $0.03.10 per liter; diesel fuel $0.05.37 per liter; kerosene and jet fuel I didn’t find. These are all part of the carbon tax package given to Ontario by the federal government for 2019.

They all matter because we have to heat our homes and buy things such as groceries that travel by transport truck and airplane. It is much more complicated than just the gas we put in our vehicles.

For example, apparently big trucks use about 38 liters of gas every 100 km they drive (Natural Resources Canada). Thus, 38 L x $0.05.37 = $2.04/ 100 km is the added cost to everything that comes to Manitoulin. We the people of Manitoulin are going to have to pay this cost, as well as extra costs such as heating our homes in the winter and others, I am sure.

I am sure that I have missed other hidden costs such as manufacturing, oil changes, etc for which we will also have to pick up the tab.

The $169.40 we get as a rebate from the federal government (single person and rural) will undoubtedly not cover the additional costs we the people will face due to the carbon tax in 2019.

The carbon tax itself is scheduled to rise from now until 2022. 2019 is based on $20 per tonne for carbon emissions, 2020 will be $30 per tonne, and 2022, $50 per tonne. The rebate is scheduled to change as well. There is a federal election this fall?

This issue is very complicated. I stand on neither side of this issue. I only present this for a clearer picture of what is going on. I am sure that there is even more that I have missed.


John Finlay