LETTERS: Double lane option is the best choice for swing bridge replacement

They are quite common, effective and fascinating

To the Expositor,

Regarding the Little Current bridge replacement, the following are the problems with the existing railway bridge: Age, 100-years-old; single lane; time inconvenience during the swing; frequency of opening for boat traffic.

I believe a drawbridge is the most logical replacement. Perhaps a 100’ span.

Double lanes would speed up vehicle traffic immensely. A 10’ higher elevation to allow some taller boats transit without opening (the present elevation is set for railway, low gradient).

Within 250’ south of the present swing bridge would allow use of present access/egress. Extend Island approach, and adjust Goat Island ramp leaving the present ramps and bridge semi-permanently open for historical reasons as well as an emergency second egress.

A drawbridge retains the limited access atmosphere of a special gem of an Island in the North Channel. A drawbridge would also become an interesting tourist destination. (“Let’s go to Manitoulin, maybe the bridge will open” as opposed to “let’s look at the hole in the ground “tunnel!”)

Drawbridges are quite common and effective and fascinating.

Chuck Varrin

Whitefish Falls