LETTERS: Editorial on the challenge to democracy thought-provoking

Things south of the border are exactly as you describe

To the Expositor:

Once again, you have produced a timely, and most thought provoking editorial (‘A deadly challenge to the foundations of democracy is underway,’ August 8, Page 4). Things south of the border are exactly as you describe and possibly even worse. Your history of the USA back to times when it had a real president who took the job of representing both the people and the Constitution. Now, these could be characterized as the “Good old days.” As you say, “fascism” has become the rule the day, and those Brown Shirts have been replaced with dirty gray t-shirts adorned with a large black Swastika on the chest, worn proudly by a not too articulate person complaining that the white race will disappear soon because of too many immigrants of non-white origin. Worse, many brag about large stashes of arms and predictions of the second American revolution to return America to its “proper” racial roots. Obviously, not students of history. Violence is always seconds away if these people are challenged, and all media, save for (what is often referred to as “State Media”, FOX News) are officially labeled as “enemies of the people.” As the president calls the supremacist “fine people,” good journalists are becoming an endangered species, being attacked, pushed, banned, threatened, and even murdered in their workplace. The president pays lip service to it all, usually, on Twitter, from his golf course.

You are also correct that “it can happen here and already has.” In Ontario, our new premier refused to permit the traditional “press bus” on his campaign trail. Reporters trying to ask a question at one of his press conferences are drowned out by needless boisterous behaviour from the premier’s own staff and supporting caucus members, as he walks off, scowling at the media gathered. Like his southern mentor, our premier has little trust or interest in the existing fine media we enjoy, and, as you mention, has created his own exclusive “broadcast” media, with only his slant on any issue only he chooses to inform the public about. And, all this propitiatory so called news, is at the expense of the taxpayer. 

There are already well defined “us versus them” camps on social media, and it became quite evident a while ago that the civility of some Ontarians has sunk to the low commonly seen south of the border, even over our own provincial issues. I do not subscribe but friends share some of it, and, it is sinking fast, as angry populist thinking overtakes civil, common sense. And what does our Ontario government do to quell the growing unrest and division here? They think they are buying our gratitude with “a buck a beer” nonsense that even most brewers see as a non-starter.

We cannot let the divisions in America creep into our society. Unfortunately, almost four more years of it here.


Keith H. Moyer

Elliot Lake