LETTERS: Dual citizen of US and Canada applauds editorial

Hoping the article and more like get wide publication

To the Expositor:

Your editorial (‘A deadly challenge to the foundations of democracy is underway,’ August 8, Page 4) above was forwarded to me from a friend on Facebook. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US and have been living in Sudbury for 33 glorious years. 

Your article regarding the history of democracy starting with the amazing US wartime presidents to today’s sad version of the highest held office of the free world and how it translates to the bleeding that is starting to occur in our own dear country is brilliant!

It puts our history of democracy into clear view and correlates why we certainly  cannot be complacent about the threats to democracy that are going on right before our eyes. 

Thank you for also letting us know how to put this frightening issue into a definite call to action.

Hoping your article and more like it get wide publication. I for one will be doing my part, as history proves there is much that can be started from the power of one.

Thanks again!

Genevieve Gibbons,

proud to vote in both countries

to try to effect change