LETTERS: Humourous humans have hilariously deadly habits

With 42,000 dead from alcohol and tobacco, let’s throw some pot into the mix

To the Expositor:

Excuse me for a moment, for laughing at us human beings. We are kind of strange you know! We do the darndest things. Many years ago, my grandfather told me that teamsters used to feed their horses a plug of chewing tobacco in the lumber camps in the winter to rid them of long white tapeworms. Then some very clever person came up with the idea that if it’s good for horses, it must be ever better for us humans. So, he ground up some of that tobacco, wrapped some paper around it, stuck it in his mouth and set fire to it and then sucked in the smoke. It became a hit right away. Go figure! No, we are not finished. Another genius took alcohol, which they used in the war for treating soldiers’ wounds from getting infected and is still used for cleaning windows and in radiators in vehicles, bottled some of it with no ingredients on the label and sold it to us humans. I mean if it’s good for vehicles, it has to be good for us. I guess the nutrition value just ain’t there because we lose over 42,000 folks across Canada each year according to Stats Canada with just the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. But does that stop us Canadians? Not a chance! Let’s try the weed and see where it takes us healthwise. Do these deadly habits seem strange to you or is it just me, an old farmer with no IQ at all.

Just some food for thought.


Lyle Dewar

Providence Bay