LETTERS: Manitoulin Transport comes to the rescue of lost canoe

A man and his little dog were able to continue their epic odyssey down the Great Bear River

To the Expositor:

Our big brother George likes to canoe. Over the last 30 years he has paddled with a little dog for company, from the northern coast of Alaska to the eastern rocks of Newfoundland. This summer, at the age of 78, he fancied exploring the southern shores of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, and running the Great Bear River down to Norman Wells on the MacKenzie River.

In order to get to the lake from Yellowknife, he had to ship his canoe and equipment by a local freighter plane while he took a passenger flight to Deline. Of course the inevitable happened and the canoe didn’t arrive.

For three days George tried to track down his missing craft without luck.

On the point of giving up, he was approached by a local person who gave him a phone number of someone in Norman Wells (some 200 miles away) who might be able to help him. When George called the number, a women answered the phone and said ‘Manitoulin Transport, how can I help you?’

Somewhat startled, George described his dilemma about his missing canoe and she replied, ‘don’t worry sir, I am looking at it right now and I will personally see that it is loaded onto the next flight to Deline!’

It arrived within eight hours.

So our brother and his little dog can continue their adventure and the family can worry a little less.

Thank you Manitoulin Transport!

Bill Caesar

White’s Point