LETTERS: Not a fan of carbon taxes

The government is cheap when it comes to helping people

To the Expositor:

Imposing a carbon tax on citizens is definitely a tax grab. What is the federal government is doing? It’s going to be a lot harder for people who are living on a fixed income. Even though they say there is going to be help, it’s only $300 a year. It’s going to be more expensive than $300 in a year when you add it up. I do not know how the heck they get this estimate, you would need only $300 extra in a year, that’s BS. The only way it would work better is for the federal government to automatically deposit money into people’s accounts who have filed for rebates or send cheques out. It would be like $50 to $100 a month and that may work. Then it depends on how much the carbon tax will cost citizens. We have an increase in fix incomes, the only increase you get is that you get to buy an extra loaf of bread with it. That’s how much increase it gets, just an extra loaf of bread. That sucks, boy, the government is certainly cheap when it comes to helping people.

Ron Osawabine