Letters: Now is the time to step up and preserve Manitoulin history

Support the Friends of the Old School any way you can

To the Expositor:

Great letter, Jan McQuay (‘Friends of the Old School have not given up the fight to preserve history,’ March 18). Jan is one of the hard-working people who has attempted to save the school right from the beginning and has done an amazing job. I sincerely hope that more people will take an active interest in helping the Friends of the Old School group that was formed to replace the disbanded committee which tried so hard to save this important and beautiful old structure. 

The architects have shared great ideas and also some wonderful examples of old buildings that have been incorporated into new structures.

Now is the time, folks! Step up and show you care about Manitoulin history, history in general and the environment. Support the group any way you can before it’s too late. 

Lynn Quesnel

Big Lake