LETTERS: Red light running at swing bridge a recipe for disaster

A red light camera would go a long way toward stopping runners in their tracks

To the Expositor:

I realize we live in a fast-paced world, running at a hectic pace, having to get on and off Manitoulin for various reasons, but that should not allow us to break the law or endanger others. The constant and ongoing impatience, year round, at the swing bridge, both sides, is becoming epidemic. Drivers willing to stop on the red, wait their turn and proceed on the green is a mannerly, and law abiding thing of the past. Daily I witness vehicles running the red light, cutting people off from the unused side lanes (so close to causing accidents in order to jump the line), and pulling out and around stopped cars who have stopped for the red light. I spoke of this to the MTO at the bridge meeting held at the Conference Centre, and indicated a red light camera on both sides of the bridge would certainly be a revenue generating opportunity and may go a long way to having this unlawful and unsafe practise stop. Maybe if people tire of paying red light fines, they will sit back, relax and learn to enjoy the view for a few minutes while they wait for the light to turn green.

Barbara Baker

Little Current