LETTERS: Tehkummah reeve responds to “report card” circulating

Reeve believes the document was written by a non-resident with ulterior motives

To the Expositor:

Last week, residents of Tehkummah Township received in the mail a so called “report card” on the township. As it contains some misleading and incorrect information I would like to set the record straight.

The township’s financial problems began in 2016. It started when a petition was made requesting an independent audit be done of the township’s books. The township had to pay $18,000 for an audit that only confirmed that there was no money missing. The township then lost a substantial grant for our roads (the application wasn’t done correctly), the budget was fumbled and tax bills were sent out to residents for the amount of one cent. Later, hundreds of municipal records were removed from the municipal office without authorization. (Afterwards, not only were we not told where they had been moved to but we now had the added expense of having them stored off-site.) And then to make matters worse, we had someone putting in unauthorized overtime and carrying out unwarranted and unsanctioned spending. We then had a workplace complaint, and although it was proved to be unfounded it unfortunately meant legal counsel had to be retained. Once everything was over additional meetings were required to try and get the township back on course, which thankfully for the most part we have been able to do. 

Lastly, there has been only one illegal meeting, and it was when a former clerk-treasurer failed to post the notice. The township does not have to repay any grants that it has received and in fact additional money for accessibility renovations has been secured. And as for the high turnover of employees, ask any one of them and they will tell you the same reason why they left, it was because of one particular councillor and one particular member of staff.

I sincerely believe this so called “report card” was written by a non-resident, someone with a personal agenda and ulterior motives.

Reeve Eric Russell