Letters: The cyclist-auto divide is not just a city thing

Suggestions for the care and control of cyclists

To the Expositor:

We just had the annual bicycle rally on the Island and there seemed to be absolutely no organization of the cyclists when they got off the ferry.

They (the cyclists) were just like a herd of cattle going up Highway 6 to the 10th Side Road and Government Road in Tehkummah. They were riding four and five abreast, taking up more than half of the road. Motor vehicles had to either stop or go to the other lane to get around them.

Ontario law states that bikes must ride single file and stay as far to the right as possible in order not to impede or interfere with vehicle traffic.

In the future, the OPP should be notified of rally dates in advance and have a presence on the roadway to ensure any cyclists are following proper Highway Traffic Act procedures.

Also, all bicycles in the province should be registered and have a licence plate. With a licence number, anyone could just take a picture of the licence plate when the cyclist is out of the bike lane. They then can email the picture to the OPP and have them issue a minimum $200 fine.

In future, if these cyclists cannot follow the simple rules of the road, then they should not ride on provincial highways.

These bike rallies could be coordinated in a way that, when they leave a rendezvous point or the ferry, they must assemble before going onto the roadway. They should have to travel 10 bicycles at a time, single file and leave at 10 minute intervals as not to impede or interfere with highway traffic. That would solve the problems I observed and alluded to above.

Bob Lewis
South Baymouth