LETTERS: We need to cherish our heritage not tear it down

Investing in our legacy gives people a reason to come visit

To the Expositor:

I am great fan of travel in Europe. I love to visit the places inhabited by Romans and older tribes and see and interact with the ancient structures created by these ancient peoples.

I am Canadian, therefore my country affords no such features. We also seem to have a culture of replacement as opposed to repair and re-use.

What good would it be to replace Old Ben or the Leaning Tower of Pisa or even the Great Pyramids when they would all otherwise weather to dust? The fact is that the physical law of entropy dictates that any system (or building for example) tends to retrograde (deteriorate) without additional input (of energy, maintenance, etc.).

The 100+ year old swing bridge at Little Current is, without a doubt, a piece of working art. It must be preserved. There are myriad photos and tales of the existing swing bridge. These must not be consumed with destruction and exhausted into the heap of recent memory.

Why would we not look at the amazing architecture that has lasted over more than a century and look to capitalize on the future of this structure. Every old structure needs significant maintenance. Most homeowners deal with this on a daily basis.

We are currently given the choice to invest in our legacy or to tear it down without maintaining it.

If we choose the latter, why would anyone want to visit?

Kind regards,

Richard Murphy, P. Geo