Letting too much water out of Lake Manitou is asking for trouble

To the Expositor:

My vacation to Manitoulin Island last year was spoiled. Why? I like to bring along my small pontoon boat. The trouble was that someone was letting all the water out of Lake Manitou and the place where I stayed had not enough water in their lagoon to float my boat. Besides the lake being low with water it left submerged hazards all over the place. Of course who knows what all this did for the fishery. If a conservation officer catches you with a fish a millimeter too long or too short you get a hefty fine. How about going after whoever releases water over the dam? And please don’t tell me that someone is trying to raise the water level in Lake Huron using the water from Lake Manitou.

Someone must be into the wacky tobacky.

Lionel Rudd