Little Current Public School students present funds to Texas

Mr. Volpini’s Grade 7/8 class and Ms. Volpini’s Grade 1 class pose for a photo that shows the amount of funds raised for their Texas counterparts, $770.

LITTLE CURRENT—Students at Little Current Public School murmured in excited anticipation as they waited to connect with their counterparts at an elementary school in Texas. The students were eager to present the money they had raised for the faraway school ravaged by the torrential downpours that resulted from this year’s Hurricane Harvey.

“The Grade 1 and Grade 7/8 classes are once again humbled by the generosity of our students,” said teacher Mark Volpini following the presentation. “Our purpose was to reach out, as global citizens, to help people who needed our support.”

The Little Current Public School students took on a “backwards clothing” theme day and a bake sale to raise funds for their Texan counterparts.

“As a final total, Little Current Public School will be sending $770 to Kolter Elementary in Texas to help their Kindergarten classroom rebuild after Hurricane Harvey,” said Mr. Volpini.

The LCPS students’ efforts has resulted in a cascading effect, noted the teacher. “It is worth noting that this same school was so touched by our efforts that they too looked at a way to pay it forward and ended up sponsoring a school in California devastated by wildfires.”

The students connected through Skype, on Friday, December 1 at 10:15 am with thier Texan partners to deliver our amazing news.

“On behalf of the Grade 1 and Grade 7/8 Coyote buddies, we are once again humbled and thankful,” said Mr. Volpini.