Little Current will see 24 visits from three cruise ships this season

The cruise ship Hamburg first came to Little Current as the Columbus. On its first vist, the vessel made its way through the Little Current Swing, but it was a tight fit. Since then, the ship has anchored out by Strawberry Lighthouse and tendered tourists in.

LITTLE CURRENT—The Port of Little Current will see 24 visits from three returning cruise ships this summer and fall.

The first cruise ship stop of the year will take place on the morning of Monday, June 5 by the 286 ft. Victory I that boasts passenger service for up to 202 guests with a crew of 84. The Victory I will again visit Little Current on June 13, June 24, June 30, July 12, July 19, July 29, August 6 (via tender), August 17, August 24, September 4, September 10, September 21, September 29, October 10 and October 16.

The 335 ft., six deck Pearl Mist will again be making Little Current a port of call. Boasting a passenger capacity of 210, the Pearl Mist will make stops in Little Current on June 26, July 5, August 7 (via tender), August 16, August 21 and August 30.

The Hamburg (formerly the Columbus), the largest of the Little Current cruise ships at 472 feet and with a capability of hosting 420 passengers, will be making two stops, September 22 and October 8, both via tender as the ship is too large to comfortably fit through the swing bridge. The ship, as the Columbus, was the first cruise ship to visit Little Current nearly 20 years ago.

“As you will see, we have 24 stops this year—four more than the 2016 season,” notes Northeast Town economic development officer Kristin Luoma.