Long time councillor says she will not be running in fall election

Betty Noble

GORDON—After 29 years as a councillor in the township of Gordon-Barrie Island, Betty Noble has announced that she will not be putting her name forward as a candidate for a councillor’s seat in the upcoming municipal elections being held later this year.

“I’m going to be retiring after this term, which would mark 29 years in total (as a councillor),” Ms. Noble told the Recorder late last week. “I’m not going to run again,” she added, noting that one of the reasons she is stepping down is due to health issues.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time on council, but have had health issues the past couple of years,” said Ms. Noble. “I had a pretty good time of it, and I’ve had no problems with anyone on council over the years.”

Ms. Noble said over her 29 years on council, “we’ve done a lot of things in that time. For instance, we now have the new municipal hall. And Gordon Township amalgamated with Barrie Island, and I was involved with that––it went pretty smoothly.”

“I’ve had no issue and have enjoyed working with the different council members and reeves over the years,” said Ms. Noble, who as a member of council has served on a lot of boards and committees in the township, such as the Manitoulin Community Policing Advisory Committee (CPAC) over the years. “I’m now cutting back,” she said adding, “I’ll now be able to stay home at nights.”