M.S.S. Kids in the Halls

Spring has finally arrived, bringing fun activities with it. From Monday- to Thursday, Students’ Council spent lunchtime tie-dying t-shirts with students and staff. The group set up in the art hallway, and students could bring their own shirt or pay five dollars to buy one. On Tie-Dye Friday students and staff were able to show off their creations while celebrating Earth Day.

On Friday, April 22 several of MSS students and staff participated in Earth Day activities. The whole school helped the earth by minimizing the use of lights throughout the day. SHARE/Go Green spent the whole day planting young trees across the property. The group of students included Kylie Cranston, Jade Danville, Max Chapman, Rebecca Dawson, Caroline Glasby, Nathan Howard, Mason Golder, Victoria MacDonald, Ben Sayyae, Jacob Bebamash and I. The species of trees were white cedar, white spruce, and curly willow. After choosing places for the first batch of trees, the group took two wheelbarrows and walked along a trail, picking up more trees to brighten the schoolyard. The students and Mr. Becks took a 45-minute lunch break to warm up and get some more energy before heading back outside to plant the trees. The trees were finished being planted, and the students were chilly, so the group went into the greenhouse and started planting tomatoes. Drinking hot chocolate and getting warmed up put everybody in a great mood, and the greenhouse was full of laughter as everyone jammed out to their favourite music. Also in spirit of Earth Day, many classes went out into the M’Chigeeng community and cleaned up the litter along the sides of roads, in the ditches, and on the beach.

On Tuesday the aerobics team from MSS competed in Windsor for the OFSAA Championship. The team consists of Alyssa Green, Eden Beaudin, Yohana Ogbamichael, Jill Cooper, Roxanna Rojas-Brisuela, Donnshai Bruleigh, alternates Maggie McDonald and Zabrina Cosby, and coaches Mrs. Theijsmeijer and Ms. Ferguson. Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Balfe, and Mr. Holiday have begun training the track and field team, practicing four times a week to prepare for their competition at NSSSA on May 11 and 18. Mr. Theijsmeijer has started Tennis tryouts for any interested students. NSSSA will be held at Jeunesse Nord on May 12. Mr. Kategiannis and Mr. Zegil have started up the Rugby team again. Tryouts are still in progress, and the many beginners participating are having fun at practices and learning a lot.

With the sun finally shining, the students and staff of MSS can finally start their outdoor activities.

‘Til next time, stay golden, Mustangs.