M.S.S Kids in the Halls

We are only days away from the month of May, and the April showers are plentiful, so there should be lots of May flowers. The amount of wind is almost equally as plentiful. A wind joke for you:

What do you call iron blowing in the wind? FE-breeze.

Last Friday, April 22, MSS students were out cleaning up the school yard and planting trees for Earth Day. Similarly, people from communities all across the Island took the time to pick up garbage from the roadsides and ditches. Thank you for taking care of our little piece of the earth.

Also on Friday, April 22, eleven athletes participated in the NOSSA (Northern Ontario Secondary School Athletics) badminton tournament that took place at St. Benedict Secondary School in Sudbury. This tournament included over 190 students from 29 schools. MSS athletes included Noah Thorpe, novice boys’ singles; Aspen Debassige, novice girls’ singles; Cash Duchene-Milne and Tessa Merrylees, novice mixed doubles; TJ Green, junior boys’ singles; Annie Balfe, junior girls’ singles; Mackenzie Green and Eli Lock, junior mixed doubles; Brett Mastelko, senior boys’ singles; and Julian Wemigwans and Jared Cortes, senior boys’ doubles. Those who qualified for OFSAA will be back on the court competing from Wednesday, May 5 to Friday, May 7 in Pain Court, Ontario.

Starting next week, Spymaster is going to be back at MSS! After a few years of not running the infamous game, it is making its return. For those who don’t know what Spymaster is, think of it as a large game of tag, but it’s more difficult in that you have to attach a clothespin to a designated person’s clothing without them knowing. This game is known to go on for weeks at MSS! The cost is $2 to participate, and signups are occurring in the cafeteria this week, beginning yesterday, Tuesday, April 26, and going until tomorrow, Thursday, April 28. The game will begin on Monday, May 2. Participating students will be assigned their targets before the game begins.

Then, Friday, April 29, is a Spy Day spirit day to celebrate the return of Spymaster. Staff and students will be wearing their spy gear in preparation for the big day!

Graduation photos have once again been moved. They are now scheduled to take place for three days beginning Wednesday, May 25. Students getting photos should receive an email with their new dates and times. Photo sessions can still be booked if they have not done so yet at prestigeportraits.ca. New bookings cannot be made on a phone; use a computer or go to the guidance office for help.

Mid-term marks for the second semester are now available on the OCAS and OUAC websites for college and university-bound students. Students can log in to their online application on the OCAS or OUAC websites to review their academic information. If you have any questions or concerns, please see guidance or email Mrs. Marshall or Ms. Keatley. All other students will be receiving their mid-term report in the mail in the coming weeks.

Joke of the week: What did scientists say when they discovered a skeleton on the surface of the moon? The cow didn’t make it.

Upcoming events include OFSAA badminton, Spy Day and Spymaster.

Until the next time, “Dream and Believe. Learn and Achieve!”