M.S.S Kids in the Halls

It’s almost the end of September, Mustangs! We are almost a full month into the school year. Despite it only being one month, MSS has been up to some interesting things. From the looks of it, school spirit is higher than ever and we are all getting ready for a great year ahead.

The past week, students have been up to a lot! Twin Day on Thursday, September 22 got students coming to school in matching outfits with their friends. We saw a variety of matching flannel, band shirts and hoodies. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming Spirit Days!

Friday, September 23 was a Professional Development day. Students got the day off while teachers attended workshops. I’m sure many students were happy to have the day off from school to work on projects or simply relax.

As some of you may know, there has been significant flooding in Pakistan. This flooding has displaced over 30 million people. To help out, the SHARE/Go Green club hosted a “Give Change to Make Change” event on Wednesday, September 21. They collected donations from first period classes and counted the total at lunch. MSS raised $384.55 on their first collection day. These proceeds will be matched by the Canadian government and used to help those in Pakistan. SHARE/Go Green collected donations again on Tuesday, September 27. A big thank you to all the Mustangs who showed their compassion and support!

On Wednesday, September 28 MSS set up a fair to advertise the many clubs and opportunities students could participate in. At second period, classes were able to go and check out booths sponsored by various groups around the school. Some of the participants included: Student Council, Three Fires Confederacy, Athletics Association, Manitoulin Metal, and SHARE/Go Green. Clubs did trivia, hands-on activities, gave out prizes, and much more! Students could explore things they might be interested in by asking questions and taking part in various activities. Overall, it was a great time for everyone to get involved and have fun!

In other news, the robotics team voted for their team captains this past week! Congratulations to Jocelyn Kuntsi and Ryhs Allison who have been elected as co-captains and will be leading the team through their season ahead!

This Friday, September 30 is National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, also known as Orange Shirt Day. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the Residential School system. MSS encourages everyone to wear orange and educate themselves about truth and reconciliation. There will also be a potluck run by The Three Fires Confederacy at lunch for students interested.

Stay tuned for more MSS updates! Until next time, go Mustangs, go!