MacKay family wows Island community with their annual Christmas light display

KAGAWONG—It is one of the best Christmas lights decorations on Manitoulin Island, let alone anywhere else. Brad MacKay and family have once again outdone themselves in making the yard of their Kagawong residence a veritable Christmas light wonderland.

If you decide to see this Christmas light decoration display on Hide Away Road in Kagawong, prepare yourself by thinking of the movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.’

“I don’t know exactly how many lights we have as part of our decorations, but it is over 30,000,” Mr. MacKay told The Expositor. He noted that as it is an annual event, “we have added some stuff onto the display. And we have cut some trees down in the yard and put in another shed that we were going to store more lights in.”

“We ordered the additional new lights in February from a supplier and some of these just arrived yesterday and some arrived today. So, it took 10 months for them to arrive from Detroit because of delays in shipping from China,” said Mr. MacKay. He pointed out, “we are slowly changing over to commercial lights.” 

This year, talented Island singer Ellie Maxwell and her brother Robert taped her singing a Christmas song while traversing through the Mackay Christmas light display. “The song is great,” stated Mr. MacKay. “Ellie has her own You Tube channel and it can be found there.”  

“I’m online with a bunch of other holiday light enthusiast groups and I’m going to try to get Ellie’s video on there. And I’m going to put Ellie’s video on Facebook,” added Mr. MacKay.