Manitoulin Brewing Company wins Canada Beer Award

Manitoulin Brewing Company’s two small batch brews, the cream ale (left) and porter (right). Photo by Robin Burridge

LITTLE CURRENT—Manitoulin Brewing Company’s Cup and Saucer English Ale won an award in this year’s annual Canada Beer Awards.

“Our Cup and Saucer English Ale was a silver winner (in the English Style bitter/best category),” stated Nishin Meawasige, a co-partner of the business. “It was great news. We were surprised but it is awesome.” “It is pretty exciting,” added co-partner Blair Hagman. “There are over 1,200 breweries throughout the county. A lot of companies submit their products for consideration every year and hope to score well in the competition.” “It was great to see Little Current show up on the list of the top products,” said Mr. Hagman, who said Manitoulin Brewing has been brewing Cup and Saucer English Ale for seven years. “This was the first time we have submitted some of our products for review in a competition.”

“It was great to see the product do so well, being selected by impartial judges who specialize in beer tasting quality,” said Mr. Meawasige. He pointed out this recognition will allow the company to promote the product across the province and the landmark Cup and Saucer Trail associated with it. “A lot of our customers have suggested over the years that we should submit our products for this or other competitions. We took the time to do that this year and are very excited to see the results,” added Mr. Hagman. Manitoulin Brewing Company Cup and Saucer English Ale is described as having a “characteristic caramel aroma with soft carbonation and a delicious malt finish.”