Manitoulin Health Centre benefits from Island brothers’ motorcycle ride

Kerry Chatwell presented a $500 cheque to the Manitoulin Health Centre on behalf of the group.

GORE BAY – The Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) received a significant donation recently from the proceeds of the fifth annual The Island Brothers’ motorcycle ride, held in August. 

“It was great that we were able to make money this year from the ride, to make a donation to the Manitoulin Health Centre,” Kerry Chatwell, organizer of the annual ride, told the Recorder last week. He pointed out a donation of $500 has been made on behalf of the Island Brothers to palliative care at the MHC.

Over 30 motorcyclists took part in this year’s ride. 

Terry Olmstead, chair of the MHC board of directors and Lynn Foster, chief executive officer of the MHC, signed a note to the Island Brothers on their donation which reads, “the Manitoulin Health Centre gratefully acknowledges your recent donation to our organization. Your generous gift will aid in our hospitals’ efforts to care for all of those who come to us in need. We are indeed fortunate to enjoy continuing support from our Island community. Please accept our sincerest ‘thank you’ for remembering us at this particular time.”