Manitoulin moves to ‘orange’ zone effective Tuesday, February 16

MANITOULIN—On Tuesday, February 16, Public  Health Sudbury and Districts, which includes Manitoulin Island, is leaving the province-wide grey (lockdown) zone and moving into an orange (restrict) zone.

Public health regions will stay in their respective level for at least two weeks at which time the government will assess the impact of public health and workplace safety measures to determine if the region should stay where they are or be moved to a different level. Public health regions will move up through the levels, if necessary, based on the set indicators and thresholds outlined in the province’s ‘COVID-19 Response Framework.’

Visitor restrictions for long-term care homes will once again apply to those homes in the public health regions that are in the orange level or higher. In addition, long-term care homes must implement enhanced testing requirements. 

The following is an outline of what an orange (restrict) zone entails:


If you live alone, you can have close contact with only one other household.

Events and social gatherings in private homes, backyards or parks (for example, barbeques): indoors: 10 people; outside: 25 people.

Organized public events and gatherings in staffed businesses and facilities (for example, event spaces): indoors: 50 people; outside: 100 people.

Religious, wedding and funeral services: indoors: 30 percent capacity; outside: 100 people.


All open businesses must: screen employees; post signs at all entrances informing people how to screen themselves for COVID-19 before entry; limit capacity so guests can stay at least two metres apart; make sure anyone indoors wears a mask or face covering, including workers who have to come within two metres of anyone else (with some exceptions); make sure workers use personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the eyes, nose and mouth when they must come within two metres of anyone who is not wearing a mask or face covering or separated by plexiglass; clean and disinfect often-touched surfaces, such as equipment, washrooms, locker rooms, change rooms and showers frequently; manage line ups to make sure customers are at least two metres apart wearing face coverings or masks; and create a safety plan, post it in a place where workers and patrons will see it and have it available upon request (for example, to inspectors or law enforcement officers)


Capacity limits: 50 people indoors, four people per table.

Guests must: sit with at least two metres between tables; wear masks or face coverings except when eating or drinking (with some exceptions); wear a mask or face covering and keep two metres apart when lining up and gathering outside; and give their name and contact information.

Time restrictions: establishments must close by 10 pm; alcohol cannot be sold after 9 pm; and no one can drink alcohol after 10 pm.

Not allowed: Buffets.

Sports and recreation

Capacity limits: Indoors, 10 people per class or 50 people in areas with weights and exercise machines; outside, 25 per class. No spectators, except for one parent or guardian per child.

Everyone must: always wear masks or face coverings except when exercising (with some exceptions); stay three metres apart in classes or areas with weights or exercise equipment and two metres apart everywhere else; make reservations (only one required per team); and give their name and contact information.

Team and individual sports must: be modified to avoid physical contact and have a maximum of 50 people per league.

Time restrictions: 90-minute time limit for classes and working out (does not apply for sports).

Outdoor ski, ice and snow recreational amenities open for recreational purposes.

Meeting and event spaces

Capacity limits: Indoors, 50 people per facility; outside, 100 people per facility; per table, four people

Guests must give their name and contact information.

Booking multiple rooms for the same event is not allowed.

Time restrictions: Establishments must close by 10 pm; alcohol cannot be sold after 9 pm; No one can drink alcohol after 10 pm.


Fitting rooms cannot be right next to each other and guests must: wear a mask or face covering (with some exceptions) and keep at least two metres apart inside and when lining up and gathering outside and answer screening questions about COVID-19 19 symptoms and exposure before they come into malls.