Manor board looking at municipal budget increase of two percent

LITTLE CURRENT—The Manitoulin Centennial Manor is looking at a surplus at the end of the 2018 budget year although these funds, if approved by the to-be-formed new board in December, would go toward some of the still to be paid HVAC costs.

“A draft 2019 budget was presented to the outgoing meeting of our board last week,” said Paul Moffat, chair of the Manor board. He said the new board to be in place in December will have to consider if it will pass the proposed 2019 budget. The draft budget sets out an approximate two percent increase to the supporting municipalities above the regular 2018 contributions (not including the one-time levy).

“There was a sizable surplus in the budget at the end of the year ($216,416),” said Mr. Moffat. “But there are a couple of things we have to pay for towards the HVAC system, as we didn’t have the final estimates at our meeting.”

Mr. Moffat pointed out as part of the budget deliberations, “we had estimated a cost to get all the eaves troughs cleaned on the building would cost $9,000. Instead our own maintenance people got on ladders and using pressure washers did this work themselves. Once again it demonstrates we have very good people working here.”

At the meeting there was some discussion on the table regarding the possible setting up of a capital reserve to cover unusual and unbudgeted costs that arise from time to time. Such reserves might preclude the board having to go back to the municipalities for additional funding. It was noted funding for the reserve could be budgeted for, plus be augmented by any year-end surpluses that might occur. However, any decisions on this will be up to the new board to discuss and consider.

Elections for the new board chair and vice-chair will take place at the first meeting of the incoming board. The acting chair to conduct the initial part of the next meeting for the incoming board will be Aurel Rivet, who is currently a member of the board.

Board member Bill Baker also pointed out that Michelle Bond has tendered her resignation as administrator of the Manor. “She will be leaving in April and the new board will be searching for a new administrator.”