MARTIN A.H. AHLBORN 1925 – 2009 ELISABETH DORA AHLBORN (nee Weisig) 1932 – 2019

1925 – 2009
(nee Weisig)
1932 – 2019
Martin was born in Germany, Elisabeth born in Poland. They met after WWII, while both learning trades of Seamstress and Tailor. Seeking opportunities, they immigrated to Canada, where they settled many years in Caledon East, ON. There they raised six children. Martin worked at Dehavilland to McDonald Douglas in aircraft manufacturing. Elisabeth provided housecare and childcare for the early years while raising their first son. As the family grew, Elisabeth cared full time for her own home, husband and children. As the family grew up, Elisabeth settled into working as a Commercial Cook. Then the children needed to leave the “nest”. Elisabeth and Martin deliberated for several years about settling on a smaller piece of land, which brought them to Tehkummah. Martin quickly established gardens, Elisabeth embraced social gatherings of the small town and became a member of the Tehkummah Triangle Senior Citizens’ Club. Their children and grandchildren visited often. They lived through joy and sorrow and all the life between. Residents of Tehkummah since 1984 and will continue to be there; Martin and Elisabeth are being laid to rest at the Hilly Grove Cemetery, Assiginack, Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 3 pm. As for all family events, the family will gather again. With grief and loss in our hearts, only the immediate family will be able to gather at the cemetery. The rest of family will gather in spirit. We know the extended family and community feels the loss also. Please take a few moments to reflect, and say good bye and good rest. To the family and community who have been there to share lives, thank you.