Mayoral candidate clarifies which Maureen Armstrong is running in fall election

The Maureen Armstrong that is running for Gore Bay mayor, seen above.

GORE BAY—Since the list of candidates who put their name forward for a seat on Gore Bay council was released there has been some confusion on the part of local residents as to which Maureen Armstrong is running for the position of mayor in this fall’s municipal elections.

“This should make it clear that I am not the former teacher, Maureen Armstrong, who is running in the election. I am a former nurse and director of care at Manitoulin Lodge,” said the Ms. Armstrong who is running in the election.

Ms. Armstrong released a statement explaining, “new candidate for Mayor of Gore Bay Maureen Armstrong (formerly DeGiuli) served the community as a visiting registered nurse with Bayshore.” She also taught the personal support worker and registered practical nurse program for Cambrian College, and finally, worked for Manitoulin Lodge as a night shift nurse and then director of care. In 2009 she was injured in a car accident resulting in paraplegia that ended her career as a nurse. “I look forward to the chance to run for mayor to contribute to my community once again in a meaningful way.”

Maureen Armstrong, former music teacher at Charles C. McLean Public School in Gore Bay told The Expositor last week that she has received numerous phone calls and inquiries as to running for mayor. “At first I found it funny, but as I received more inquiries it wasn’t fun anymore. And I would not want someone to be voting for or not voting for Maureen Armstrong because they think it is me running. The bottom line is that it is nice to see the town is having an election for both mayor and councillor positions this fall. But I am not the Maureen Armstrong running for mayor.”