Stroll for liver fundraising pulls largest number of participants

The third annual Stroll for Liver Foundation walk took place in Kagawong this past Sunday. A total of 25 participants took part in the walk including organizers Wayne and Anna Aelick, which is a fundraiser for the Canadian Liver Foundation.

KAGAWONG—Last year, he had his haired dyed green when members of the public donated $500 by a set deadline. This year, Wayne Aelick (of Team Aelick), in fundraising for the Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) pledged, and shaved off, both of his eyebrows if people donated $500 by August 28 for the CLF. The third annual Stroll for Liver walk took place this past Sunday in Kagawong, with 25 people taking part, the most ever.

“I would like to thank everyone for coming out to walk with us and for the support we have received the other two years we have had the stroll, all the great comments, and sponsorship we have received,” Mr. Aelick told the participants in the walk.

“All the money raised will go towards research for liver disease,” said Mr. Aelick. He pointed out at the first of the ‘Stroll,’ that last year they raised $15,503.93, the most raised by any team in Canada.  “As of this morning, we have raised $14,600 and there will be more money coming in after this walk. It’s been great, and the money is going to a great cause.”

Since he had a liver transplant a few years go, Mr. Aelick has been looking at ways he can give back to the CLF. “After I had my liver transplant in May 2017, I had been looking at a way to help support.” It was on the CLF Facebook page where he found out about an annual ‘Stroll for Liver’ rally taking place. Participants can join by taking part themselves or as part of a team and going on a walk.

“This is the third year we have taken part in Stroll for Liver,” Mr. Aelick said. “Our goal for this year was to raise $20,000.”

Mr. Aelick pointed out Orr’s Valu-Mart in Little Current held a very successful barbecue fundraiser in June in partnership and support of Team Aelick’s CLF fundraiser. “Andrew Orr is just a great guy. He  holds these type of events for a lot of people and causes.”

“Anna and I also had a big yard sale on July 2,” said Wayne. “People donated a lot and it ended up being a good sale.”

If you wish to join Team Aelick or make a donation to support the Canadian Liver Foundation on behalf of Team Aelick, you can do so online at: Stroll for Liver 2022, or send a cheque payable to Canadian Liver Foundation to Anna and Wayne Aelick, PO Box 149, Kagawong, ON POP IJO, or send an electronic funds transfer to: