MCSEA calls for homeowner reassessment submissions to MPAC

To the Expositor:

Landowners and homeowners have the option for reassessment submissions to MPAC for property devaluations in proximity of industrial wind turbines.

Deadlines are approaching. You may have to search out last year’s notices as new notices may not have been sent if there were no changes to the previous assessment. This can be done online also at About My Property Link, 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) or

Send in pictures, distance of turbines, and the peer reviewed health studies, etc. to support your documentation in a Request for Reconsideration.

MPAC is being reviewed by the provincial ministry and there is also a review on the impacts of industrial wind turbines on property value that is not completed as of yet.

Health effects are known up to two kilometres and further. Once they start spinning the vertigo and nausea is reported. The visual effects are not reflective of what Northland Power Inc. showed at their public meetings.

Industrial scale wind generators are blights on the landscapes as properties become compromised and unhealthy for great distances as shown worldwide.

Homes and properties are usually the largest investment people make in their lifetime for them and their families.

A pittance of a reduced tax rate, though it should be requested, does not provide proper compensation for homes and properties that are worthless, difficult to sell, can’t be lived in or have the loss of use as witnessed here on Manitoulin Island and throughout the province.

Some properties we are aware of are now taking longer to sell when potential buyers are told as required by law of a potential industrial wind turbine project.

This, we expect, will worsen now that turbines are up and the visual and environmental effects/impacts are realized. This failed Green Energy Act project that also contributes to 33 percent of electricity bill increases over the next three years should not have been placed here that has so many detriments on the community of Manitoulin and surrounding area.

Raymond Beaudry
Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives
Green Bush